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Garner as "Elektra" or H. Maybe that's something he should consider. Porn milf british. Megan gale naked. Do you know the hardest thing about rollerskating? Funny, when I lived there, I didn't see anyone hot like that. If this movie is good. I don't need to wait for the film to know that.

I just hope she can act. Do you actually want to see a "franchise" of half-assed DC Universe films? CST Why it might not work by ptfilms. CST geek molester by thecheesegrommit. CST How about those Oh and i'll leave the discussion to the grown ups when y'know, they actually show up.

He didn't do anything BAD, so who knows? So who really gives a flying fuck? You need to create an account to submit links or post comments. What has she ever brought to anything?

Seriously, do you actually read what you spew through your keyboard? Their successors can only hope to be as good, there is no better. Hot sexy nude girls pics. She was one other actress in the already crowded cast of Firefly.

But I will fap to her in the wonder woman outfit. See, if we had more people sharing pics of hot women, world peace would be within our grasp. Sorry for the caps, but you know It's made in Australia by an Australian director and is starring a 40kg aussie waif girl theresa palmer who can't act coupled with an over 30 aussie supermodel who acts even badly in tv advertisements and it also has a 21 yr old 6 foot 6 Batman nobody gives a shit about.

CST bless you brycebishop by just pillow talk. But there would be something simpatico about having an American actress play this uniquely American creation. CST Sure by Mezzanine.

Telling you're parents that you are gay. CST perfect by Rufferto. If they "age up" this bloke playing Batman, we may get something decent, yet. Now we need Routh for Superman by Kal Reeve. CST If you havent done so already, click on the cough-cough!

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All you geeks who fall over each other for Chuck or Heroes you think any of the hot chicks doing any better acting that you're going to see out of this hottie. Lynda carter was a fucking woman! It saves so much time Googling for it yourself. Naked sexy huge boobs. Megan gale naked. In desperate bid to lure tourists, Australia tries to convince world that all their women look like Megan Gale Thats the original Fark link from earlier in the day.

The good news is that the Thai soccer team that was stranded in a cave after 10 days has been found alive after having survived on rain water. She'll be a great role model for little girls everywhere!

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The days of the curvy actress is over. The bad news is that they may be stuck there for months businessinsider. He's 6'5", and an amateur magician. CST no doubt she'll storm off set a hundred times too She looks good all sweaty and hot, but 'act' as in Streep? Now throw him into an action spectacle and watch him blossom as the World's Greatest Superhero. CST SO glad to hear this CST Who cares by Series7. Tekken girls nude. But then I saw Megan in the backstage of a Tv program here in Italy and she looked clumsy and in her Italian movie she didn't show too much acting talent.

My biggest concern is Armie Hammer being so young and baby faced, but I'm sure Miller knows what he is doing Wonder Woman is a horrible concept to begin with. Same for Rebecca Romijn or her hot gf from Femme Fatale? I'm glad they went with an unknown. Married one of them in fact. CST It's all about scaling back expectations by gruntybear. I hate fake boobs. Plus women can keep themselevs looking younger and more fit these days. I think you should post a NSFW pic! Any SFW pics for those of us not only wondering how hot she is, but also who the fark she is?

That being said, I'd hit it. I'm so sick of everything being dark and desaturated.

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But didn't Warner have a problem with casting Charisma Carpenter in the role of Wonder Woman because she posed for Playboy? CST To pull off playing wonder woman by emeraldboy. What has she ever brought to anything?

I agree she should have something exotic as WW but would need to be straight Yank in her undercover as Diana Prince. CST I get a real kick I've never seen a pair 'til now. Milf v milf. Megan gale naked. CST you know things are getting predictable by emeraldboy. Big tit lesbian sex pics CST Routh would be the shit icing on this turd blossom by Live.

Theresa Palmer was supposedly cast as WW for the Jla movie. She would have been a decent choice by Mr Incredible. I'm not conservative, but Wonder Woman needs to look traditional. What better way than as the shitty faux Supes in the shitty faux Justice League? If a tall big-hootered model with blue eyes and dark hair and little acting experience is what you want in your Wonder Woman, then why choose a less attractive one when there are so many other choices that more closely approach the ideal set forth by the artists of D.

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